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What is an Eternal Tribute?

An Eternal Tribute is an obituary - but more!

An obituary is an announcement of the death of a person with a short biography of their life story.

An Eternal Tribute is a detailed account of a persons life that includes special memorials provided by the people that knew them and will missed them - those that will keep them in their hearts - Forever Loved and Never Forgotten.

Preparing an Eternal Tribute for someone you love is an exercise best approached with care and thought. Like the funeral service itself, an Eternal Tribute acknowledges the loss of your Loved One, expresses the pain of their loss, and the joy that their presence among us brought.

In the Eternal Tribute we want to present the significant events and attributes of your Loved One, to note their impact on their family and the world around them, and acknowledge the family members they held dear.

Unfortunately, many of the obituaries we see in the newspaper and on the web fail to convey the personality or contributions of a Loved One in a meaningful way. They are prepared in haste, in the fog of grief, and the stress of meeting a newspaper deadline. Instead of a meaningful tribute, they often become a string of hackneyed phrases punctuated by fill-in-the-blanks of personal information.

At Eternal Tributes we will help you craft an online obituary that conveys the personality of your Loved One, and clearly communicates their personality, the special memories your hold dear and other vital information that may be sought by generations to come.

an Eternal Tribute will ensure you Loved One truly is - Forever Loved and Never Forgotten.