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SCHUTZ, Clemence George

Clemence George Schutz was born on the 15th May 1949 in Murray Bridge. He is the only son of Clemence and Melvus Schutz, and brother to Margaret and Lorraine.

The family moved to Victor Harbour when Clem was 3 years of age.

Not long after this move Clem was run over by an FJ Holden. He was very lucky to survive. From this time onwards he was always blessed with great health.

He attended Victor Harbour, Grange and Fulham Gardens Primary Schools, and completed his schooling at Henley Beach High School.

Clem started and ended his career in retail. He left school at the age of 15 to start his first job at John Martins. He was one of the youngest cheese and smallgoods buyers they had ever employed. He would arrive at the Central Market every day at 4am to taste and purchase stock and arrange all the merchandise on his return to the store.

He went on to be an award-winning salesman at Myer and Radio Rentals. He was a brilliant Sales Representative for Copyfax selling stationery. He went on to run his own stationery business in 2002.

Clem had a dream. He dreamt of running his own collectables business. 12 years ago that dream became a reality. His passion for collectables and his endearing persona resulted in him becoming a well-known character is his local area of Valley View. We know this to be true because of the number of people who approached Julie and the family after his passing.

Clem also had a passion for music and he had the ability to make music with anything he found to hand. A piano accordion with a hole in it, a three-string guitar or a mouth organ. If he could make a sound out of it, he would find a rhythm to accompany his lovely baritone voice.

Clem was a happy, calm and thoughtful man. He was also very generous. His was at his happiest when he was spending time with his family. He adored his daughter Donna and was very proud of his sons Dwayne and Russell. He extended his heart to also embrace his step children, Kerri, Natalie. Jaimie and Harley.

In October 2001 Clem married Julie. Laughter was a prominent feature in their married life together. In fact, Julie tells me that in the days leading up to Clem's passing there were many moments where they would both find something to laugh about.

They loved to get away from it all whenever they could, just to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it was their favourite city of Melbourne or a local resort by the beach, the focus was relaxation and fun.

Not always good with his hands, Clem surprised Julie one day by assembling a love seat in the backyard, suspended from a tree. They sat on the romantic seat and as it hurtled to the ground, they both laughed and cried. The tree wasn’t very strong after all.

With 7 children in their blended family, there were many trials and tribulations. Clem faced any challenge and always provided his special pearls of wisdom to resolve problems.

He reminded us what was important in life, what really mattered, to focus on the positive and not take ourselves too seriously. He taught us all that ‘Life’s Life”, a saying we will all smile about forever. He was a great listener and provided wise guidance.

Clem loved spending time with his grandchildren. He loved to share his passion for collecting, entertaining the little ones with anything from swearing parrots to serious rock collections. Forever teaching them and sharing his knowledge. He spent time at their sporting events, flying kites and showed them how to fish.

He was forever telling them Dad jokes, - anything for a laugh.

Clem also loved to socialise. He was a friendly man so it is little wonder that he made friends easily, and he had many friends.

Family and friends were very important to both Clem and Julie. They were both very proud of their blended family and enjoyed their wide network of friends.

On their Wedding Day the following poem by Lizzy Pureheart was a part of their ceremony. It reflects the sentiments both Clem and Julie felt towards their family and friends.

We all have a cherished garden we tend.

It is planted with love of family and friends.

The memories and dreams we treasure and share

Are like beautiful roses found blooming there.

The comfort and care on which we depend

Is given between family and friends.

The sunshine of laughter and rain of a tear

Only make our love grow with each passing year.

We may all be ourselves with no need to pretend

Because of the love of family and friends.

They notice the rainbows and weather the showers.

They overlook weeds and praise all our flowers.

The most valuable thing is the time that we spend

Tending this garden with family and friends.

When counting our blessing, we know from the start

That family and friends come first in our hearts

Clem died after a short illness at the age of 66.