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TSCHABAN; Timothy Wladimir

8/01/1981 - 25/10/2009

Timothy Wladimir Tschaban was born on 8th January 1981 at a healthy 9lb 3oz.

He is the second born son blessed to Wladamir (Woody) and Janet (Jan) and a much-loved brother to Ben, Mark, Sarah and Fiona. Timothy was named after his paternal great grandfather Timothy.

As a baby Tim was vey placid, rarely cried and slept peacefully. He had big brown eyes, chubby cheeks and a cheeky smile. Timothy from a very young age was a talker.

As a toddler he enjoyed the company of his older brother Ben playing in the backyard. They enjoyed breaking up boxes, kicking balls, playing in the pool, playing cricket- all the things that young brothers enjoy doing together.

As a family Woody, Jan, Ben and Tim enjoyed camping on the Yorke Peninsula. The boys enjoyed fishing with their father and beach combing on the beach.

Traditions were very important to the family. Christmas and birthdays were always well celebrated. Christmas was always at Oma’s and every birthday was celebrated with a novelty cake made and decorated by Grandma.

In 1986 Tim commenced school at the Keller Road Primary School later moving to Athelstone Primary School when he, his mother Jan and brother Ben moved to live at Athelstone with his chosen sisters Sarah and Fiona. In 1993 Tim proudly became big brother to Mark who was born in August that year.

Mark’s mother Jan has the following to say about Tim.

‘Tim’- if I needed to attract his attention, but to me affectionately- ‘Timmy’.

He was named after Opa’s family because the Schubert clan boys names were at a premium, with few girls in sight. Timmy’s desire to become a chef and his love for gardening did not come from me but from his beloved Oma and Opa.

Timmy had a full life surrounded by his family with Sarah and Fiona, the daughters I dreamed of having.

Growing up Grandma made all the birthday cakes on request of all her grandchildren, choosing from the Woman’s Weekly cookbook – you name it she made it!

Timmy was a collector of caps and coins and was a list writer. Ben would often wake up to one of Timmy’s many lists with things he needed for his garden.

With all the boys sharing different music, football teams and opinions- it was never easy, and the home was never quiet.

Our dog “Jackson’ Jackie the fierce Rottweiler which Timmy affectionately called ‘Blouse’ added to the chaos. As we came home from work, school, all hours of the day or night Jack, Jack would be at the gate to greet us.

Timmy was a gentle, but passionate man who knew what he wanted and boy if he was passionate about there was no pint in arguing- we just agreed.

The family travelled overseas to America and beautiful Canada. An amazing experience for us all with Disneyland, Las Vegas being the highlight. Timmy keeping the best travel presents for himself.

There was excitement, blood, sweat and tears that went into buying his home unit. What an achievement! But Tim missed his family and moved back home, his unit rented. So, we were all together again. Tim changed jobs and was working at the Para Hills Community Club with wonderful Daniel to sort the lads out.

Timmy was happiest when he was out in the shed watching SBS and channel 2 in searing heat and freezing cold- he was always thinking.

Timmy was proud when he got Mark a job at the club. He had his little brother working with him- giving him tips but always protective.

I taught my children you have to work hard in life, but to do what makes you happy. Timmy took this advice and has done us proud.

I have a lifetime of memories to treasure- but I know I have to say goodbye to my precious baby boy.

I will see you soon Timmy. I will always remember your opinions and beliefs. They will always be considered in any future decisions that have to be made in this family. “ - JAN (Mark's Mum).

Mark, younger brother of Tim has the following to say about his brother Tim.

“You never pay much attention when you hear about someone passing away even in a car accident on the news or on the radio, until it happens to you own brother.

Tim- you were always a great role model. Because of you I take pride in what I do at work- making sure that everything’s done properly. I was always proud to have a bigger brother like you and I always will be.

I loved the time we spent together at work and I’m so happy you got me my job. I love it how you use to ask me who I was talking to and when you found out it was a girl, you’d ask me “What would you rate her out of ten?” and “Does she have any sisters?”

You had your music and I had mine and I loved the jokes we made about that.

We always helped each other out when either of us needed it/ You were always a great brother to me and I’ll never forget that. We had out fights and arguments, but nothing we couldn’t ever sort out.

I wish you were still here Tim. But I guess it was meant to be. Daniel called me in to work on the night before it happened and I got to talk to you one last time. The day after my concert sold out before I could get my tickets.

- I love you Tim and I won’t ever forget you. Nobody will. As long as I live, I will still remember you as the brother I loved and was proud of. “ - MARK (Younger Brother of Tim).

After moving to the new family home at Athelstone Tim warmed very quickly to his chosen sisters Sarah and Fiona. The girls now with families of their own provided Tim with the four nieces Hannah and Vanessa, Amelia and Sophie and a nephew Issac.

The older girls Hannah and Vanessa spent many weekends with their Uncle Tim and enjoyed playing on his computer and playing with the turtles Port and Power.

Issac was never far away from Tim sometimes falling asleep on Tim’s lap, comfortable and content in his arms.

Despite living overseas for the most part and only recently returning to Australia Amelia and Sophie enjoyed a close relationship with their Uncle Tim.

Tim’s sister Fiona and Sarah have the following to say about Tim.

“I would like to share with you today a few words of my personal experience that I shared with my brothers.

Timmy and Benny were around 7 and 10. I took them out as I did a few times for car rides. On one particular day we were heading down Gorge Street in Athelstone. I turned right towards Dernacourt, and blow me down I went through an oil slick- back end sliding to the side and my heart in my mouth. Mind you there’s Timmy and Benny bouncing up and down in their seats enjoying this joy ride with excitement, laughter and chanting in unison “Please, please can we do that again”- Well you know the answer to that one. A firm NO!

On a hot summer afternoon, the whole family got into a water fights. We used buckets and hoses as you do. This lasted for hours. The garden got watered, so did the house and we got so wet we looked like drowned rats- this didn’t faze anyone because we were all happy, smiling and having fun.

Tim, I adore you so much as I do Ben and Mark. I always laughed at your wicked laugh, treasured your cheekiness, being the clown of the family, your sensitivity and always hanging around Mum wherever she went.

Not to mention that we should have always kept air freshener around you, especially in the car where we would often have to stick our heads out the window for fresh air.

I now know that I need to laugh, cherish and enjoy what I have in life as life can be short. But I am grateful of the times we have shared and for the many memories I will carry and treasure for the rest of my life.” –SARAH (Stepsister).

“To my dear little brother Timmy

First of all, I want to say what a beautiful person you are and will be remembered for.

I had the privilege of having you, Ben and Mark as my dearest brothers. I watched you cheeky boys grow into the wonderful young men that you are today.

I remember the early days back when you must have been 6 years old. You were the cutest kid with those deep brown eyes and fuzzy hair. My favourite features were your bee sting lips and your chubby cheeks- they were so irresistible - I just always wanted to walk up to you and squeeze those cute cheeks of yours.

You boys were fun, and I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t laughing at your antics, and seeing how close you and Ben were, and although like all young boys that had fights, you two always remained close brothers and would always look out for each other.

One of the funniest things that you did as a child was at the dinner table...your Mum had produced yet another delicious meal for us kids. I remember us mucking around and you had this moment where you put a tea towel over your head like an old lady, then you took the wooden spoon from one of the dishes and spoke into it like a microphone saying” Mum look at me, I am sooooo beautiful”. I remember your Mum laughing really really hard and I couldn’t contain myself either as you looked and sounded so ridiculously funny.

These memories I will hold dear as they reflect your sensitivity, your personality, your determination and your fun-loving nature. They are reflections of my beautiful brother Timothy. “ - FIONA (Stepsister):

At school Tim enjoyed all activities. He was a quiet little boy, well behaved and easy going. On weekends and during school holidays he often headed off to creeks and the hills to fossick and collect sticks and rocks with his mates.

In 1990 Tim travelled to America and Canada with his mother and older brother. In 2004 he again travelled to America this time with his younger brother Marc and his Mum. They went to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Disneyland and Colorado. They saw snow for the first time and enjoyed snow fights with each other.

As a teenager Tim, despite a few challenges, he remained a placid and adventurous young man. He attended Charles Campbell Secondary School completing year 10 in 1997 and played football at the North Adelaide Football Club and the Athelstone Football Club.

In 1998 Timothy commenced working at both the Bartonvale Nursing Home and the Bridgeway Hotel as a kitchen hand to pursue his aspirations to become a chef. At Bartonvale his natural ability and dedication to his chosen craft as a chef immerged. The following words have been extracted from a character reference provided by the then Administration Manager of Bartonvale. “Timothy Tschaban is a very personable young man with a happy disposition...during these past eight months he has endeared himself to our residents though his attention to detail in the delivery of their catering service requirements”.

In July 1999 Tim commenced his apprenticeship at the Strathmore Hotel in the CBD of Adelaide. He remained at the Strathmore just short of two years before taking up employment as the Evida Cafe completing his second and third years of his apprenticeship.

Towards the end of 2002 he took up employment at the Adelaide Hilton where he received a number of awards, completed his apprenticeship and was nominated ‘Apprentice of the Year’.

Basia Mula had the following to say in a reference of support for that nomination.

“As past winner of ‘Employee of the Year’ the Hilton prides itself on developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours of our employees to compete on the global market. Tim is always willing to help his fellow team, members as well as passing on his knowledge to the many work experience students the Hotel hosts. This commitment to quality is outstanding. He works well under pressure and uses his initiative and creativeness in suggesting new ideas for menu items. He has good communication skills combined with a friendly, cheerful personality that makes him well regarded by managers and team members. This brilliant ambassador for the Hilton Adelaide and the hospitality industry, his passion for cooking coupled with excellent skills would ensure that South Australia is well represented nationally.” - BASIA MULA

In 2003 the Advertiser ran an article on Tim in their Food and Wine section. .

Tim made such an impression at the Hilton that he was invited by Cheug Lieew the eighth ranking chef in the world to work in the prestigious silver service Grange Restaurant at the Hilton. It was unusual for a young person still fresh in their career to receive this invitation. This reflects the tireless effort Tim put into his work and how highly his skills, expertise and knowledge were regarded.

Tim was keen to pass on his knowledge and share his skills with others. In 2006 in a letter to the Regency TAFE International Centre for Hospitality, Leisure and Food Studies he wrote:

“I am looking for new challenges and am interested in searching and developing young chefs coming through the industry. If there is any position available in the cookery division such as lecturer’s assistant or similar, I would be grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate my skills, my enthusiasm to learn and to gain more experience.” – TIM, 2006

In recent times Tim worked as a Chef at the Para Hills Community Club. As we heard from young Mark earlier Tim enjoyed working at the club and Mark had the opportunity to work alongside Tim. From what Mark has told me they had a lot of fun at work- playing pranks and joking with each other, throwing food at each other, gibing one another. On occasions Tim would say to Mark” why do you keep putting stuff back dirty” to which Mark would reply “the day you stop burning stuff is the day I will put things back clean”. They would listen to music as they worked. Tim enjoyed gangster Rap music. He often listened to bands such as M and M and The Gravediggers a band Tim was planning to go and see for his next birthday in January.

As an adult Tim was a gentle quietly spoken man, but passionate in his interests. He loved animals. He had two turtles named Port and Power after the football club he supported (much to dismay and often ridicule of his Crow supporting brother Ben.)

He loved documentaries which he was often got absorbed in and loved to share what he had learnt and his opinion on certain topics. He was good with money, watched the stock market and had invested in a home unit.

In recent times it became apparent that Tim was setting goals for his future and he had matured.

Tim was a methods man. He wrote lists and was always enthusiastic about a new list. He would leave Ben lists of things to bring home for the garden.

Whilst going through Tim’s room his mother Jan found a list that I would like to share with you. This list written by Tim describes significant things that made Tim happy and he what aspired to do in the near future.

  1. Mum
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Gardening
  4. Nice clean house (mine)
  5. Focus on work- goals and path
  6. See the world.
  7. Exercise- weights and boxing
  8. Licence- keep drivers licence
  9. Car maintenance and fix up
  10. Find someone to have a life with and start a family
  11. Have a pet- dog or snake

Sadly, at 28 years of age, Tim died in.a car accident at Salisbury East South Australia.